Saxon Feast – Saturday the 10th June 


Trust Cycle Event – Saturday the 24th September 

Details to follow in Future Events

Trust Friends/Subscribers’ Event – Sunday 15th October

Details to follow in Future Events

Our first publishing venture (2014 – 2015)

What’s the project and what’s needed?  Commissioning and organising a book about Roman origins of the Nene Valley written by Dr Stephen Upex

How does it fit with the plan?  This project supports our being seen as an authoritative point of contact on this period of history in this region. This associates our name with talks, walks and speakers who have something to say about the origins of the Peterborough area. It helps us build our Friends group and raises funds.

Any milestones / key dates?  Up to us to set a publishing / launch date – likely to be early 2015

Any specific skills and expertise required?

  • Link with Dr Upex and commissioning the book content
  • Arranging design, publishing and print
  • Setting up the commercials, channel for distribution
  • Running subscriptions programme to raise initial funds

Anyone already involved / on the team? Stephen Upex has agreed to do it.

Richard Dade and Jackie Cook have started to access expertise from Peterborough Civic Society.