The Late Dr Ian Hamilton

We are honoured to report that the Trust was selected by Jane Wickham of Ailsworth and Dr Niall Hamilton, International Admissions tutor for Marlborough School, to be the recipients of the collection at the service of thanksgiving for their father Dr Ian George Hamilton held in January. This gift of £514.20 will be used to improve St Kyneburgha’s church. 
Dr Ian Hamilton moved to Ailsworth with his wife, Eileen about 4 years ago to be closer to Jane, their daughter. They moved from Harlow where Dr Hamilton had a thriving general practice serving the local community. The Hamilton Practice still carries Jane and Niall’s father’s name. I note that Dr Hamilton had served with the British Army during the Korean war as a medic. In addition to Eileen, Jane and Niall, he leaves 2 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.