Trust Tours – A Day out at Wentworth Woodhouse – Thursday 29th September 2016

Watch this space for news of visiting the Fitzwilliam Family’s former ancestral home. See the progress in restoring the largest privately owned home in Europe. Tickets available early in July and will include luxury coach travel (toilet on board plus loo stop), an extensive tour of rooms open to the public (2 hours+), plus light refreshments before departure. Opportunity to visit Wentworth Woodhouse village too. Make own lunch arrangements – 2 pubs and a village bistro in Wentworth Woodhouse village.

Lady Chapel Roof– Funding achieved!

The Quinquennial reports in both 2008 and 2013 identified that this section of roof needed re-slating and re-leading. Heritage Roofing Ltd have been appointed contractors. Work commenced in mid October and is likely to take 6 to 8 weeks. Scaffolding will be erected which may cause some inconvenience, although this will kept to a minimum. Prior to the work, another bat survey will be required.

Fantastic news – the funding for this costly but vital repair is almost secured. See Projects

Fund raising total for 2014

£2980 raised by events and sales last year. This is £1020 down on 2013 so we clearly need to get our act together this coming year. Please support us especially by commencing or increasing regular giving. This is an extremely reliable source of income and is tax deductible as we are a registered charity.

Funding for the Lady Chapel Roof finally achieved!

Thanks to a 4 year interest free loan of £12,000 from Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust, a commitment by the Trust to raise £10,000, a grant of £5,000 from the Fitzwilliam Trust and various other donations/grants, we are now in a position to place the order for the long overdue Lady Chapel roof re-leading and re tiling with Collyweston slates. Work to be carried out during 2015.

Roman design greetings cards now available



One pack of 6 for £5 or three packs for £12.  P & P £2.80. Beautiful quality. All showing Roman pavements uncovered in Roman villas in the Lower Nene Valley area. Contact

Trust and Church Relationship

The Trust Committee discussed this relationship at a recent meeting and we are not convinced that everyone understands our purpose. It is important to state that The Trust is a secular group, independent of St Kyneburgha Church and the Parochial Church Council (PCC). However, we work closely with the PCC in order to identify issues of conservation and preservation and in some cases modernisation, of the church building, in order to ensure that this unique and valuable historical treasure continues to stand safely and securely at the heart of the community for generations to come.

Priest’s Room Repairs and Re-decoration

The Trust has paid £1963.60 for the repair to the Priest’s Room roof which had been damaged by water leaks. This room, little seen by the public, is tucked away upstairs in the tower and was originally living accommodation for the curate in charge, now used by the Bell Ringers for training and for some storage. See Current Projects>

Batman likely to return

See below – but the news is that Natural England will insist on full sonic testing before the Lady Chapel Roof can be repaired. This is likely to mean further expenditure.

Conservation Management Plan

This project has slowed and the group responsible is being re-convened to move it on.  The next stage is the public consultation process with all stakeholders. However, wider issues which are being considered and which would involve public consultation, such as a possible Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan and proposals for an archaeological theme park in the Lower Nene Valley, may affect the timescale. However, this remains an important project as part of developing the case to secure grants.