Join us in celebrating the 900 anniversary of St Kyneburgha Church, Castor.

Another century gone! It’s that time again to celebrate the wonderful St Kyneburgha Church and its history in our community.

We want to make this a very special celebration of the 900th anniversary of the founding of St Kyneburgha Church on the 17th April 1124 , regarded as one of the top 100 churches in the country (there are 15,000!), AND the ONLY Church in the world dedicated to St Kyneburgha.

When did the celebrations start?

The dedication of St Kyneburgha Church was on the 17th April 1124, the date carved above the Priest’s door and one of the few ancient Churches where the exact date is known.  So, what better day was it to kick off with a service followed by refreshments, the lighting of a  beacon, ringing of bells all on the same date 900 years later!

To download a copy of the K900 Program please click >>HERE<<

The Big 900 Celebrations Raffle

£300 Voucher for M&S
3 month membership at R3FORM Studio, Castor (worth £300)
£250 Cash for a treat
£150 Wheelbarrow of booze
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Note: The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 5th October 2024

A brush with history

Presenter Art Group
Date 22/06/2024 Time 10am - 6pm
Date 23/06/2024 Time 10am - 6pm
Location In and around St Kyneburgha Church
Price Free

The Castor and Ailsworth Society of Art invite you to an open art weekend.

Whether you’re a regular artist, or you haven’t picked up a sketch pad since you were at school, all are welcome to join us to paint, draw, sculpt, collage, or whatever other artistic method you like, to produce an artistic record of our church at 900.

CASA will have members there at the church between 10am and 6pm on the Saturday, and 12pm and 3pm on the Sunday, and will be available to help anyone who needs it to produce a masterpiece on the theme “In and Around the Church”.  Tea, coffee and hot drinks will be provided, but please bring your own snacks if you are staying long.  You are welcome to work at other times but may not have facilities available and you would need to work with respect to other visitors.


Beating the Bounds: A Walk around the parishes.

Date 23/06/2024 Time 11.30am
Location Start and finish at St Kyneburgha Church, Castor, PE5 7AX. 

Booking is not required. Route maps will be available to collect at the church on the day.

Walk or Cycle and recreate the ancient custom of ‘Beating the Bounds’, with a Walk or a Cycle, to kick off StK celebrations fortnight. The ancient tradition dating back to Anglo Saxon times of walking the Parish boundaries, securing the Parish limits.

Gather at the Church from 11.45 to set off at 12.00, returning for afternoon tea if you like.

Cycle the northern route: to Ferry Bridge, north on the Green-wheel through Milton Park to the Marholm and Helpston roads and back through Ailsworth. Walk the southern route. Down Port Lane to the river’s north bank all the way to Ferry Bridge (or a couple of shorter routes back) and return via Loves Hill. Water points and a quiz to do along the way.

A great afternoon out with family, friends, and neighbours.

‘Sounds of Splendour’

Date 23/06/2024 Time 4pm – 5.30pm
Location St Kyneburgha Church, Castor, PE5 7AX
Price Free

Sounds of Splendour’. 

Doors open 3.30pm

Festive arias and sparkling trumpet tunes – Bach to Beyoncé.
(Caroline Sharpe, soprano; Andy Harris, trumpet; Fergus Black, organ) Music for soprano, trumpet and organ. 

Bar and refreshments.

BBC's Dr Johnathon Foyle: Buildings Like St Kyneburgha’s: Why & How?

Date 26/06/2024 Time 7.30pm
Location St Kyneburgha Church, Castor, PE5 7AX.
Price £15.00

Dr Jonathan Foyle is obsessed by historic buildings. From an immersive career in conservation, research and curating, he has found ways to share many discoveries and insights into our ancestors’ experiences. 

He is an award-winning BBC broadcaster, writes regularly for the Financial Times Weekend, presents multi-media interpretations at fascinating historic sites, and has explained the wonders of the historic environment to audiences from America to Australia.

Booking is required.

Ticket includes a complimentary glass of wine.

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The Big 900 Celebration Quiz!

Date 28/06/2024 Time 7.00pm
Location Village Hall, Castor, PE5 7AX. 
Price £10 per person

SPW Law LLPDoors open 6.30pm

Includes food

Food, bar and an evening of fun and laughter.

Tables of up to 8. 

On your own or just two of you? 

No problem, we can put you on a friendly mystery table!

Please call Chris Murrell to book your ticket on 07936877471 (payment required on booking).

Spectacular Variety Show

Date 29/06/2024 Time 7pm
Location Village Hall, Castor, PE5 7AX. 
Price Free

Booking is not required

Featuring Joe Jarvis & Jack Cable, Hattie Hill, a gymnast and our own junior pop band

Can you sing? Dance? Juggle?

Are you in a band? In a choir?

Can you play the spoons or trombone or tell a story? 

Then no matter what your age, this extravaganza is for you!

Doors open at 6pm.

Want to know more? Please contact Anita Ribbons on 07740475621 or email

Story of the Stones Historical re-enactment for children

Date 30/06/2024 Time 10am - 4pm
Location Village Hall, Castor, PE5 7AX
Price Children £5, Adults free

The Learning TreeNote: Children (aged 5 -12) must be accompanied by an adult.

How was the church founded 900 years ago? 

The story lies in the stones of the church!

From the Romans to the Normans find out about the turbulent time before the founding of the present church with our characters from the past and the great battles that shaped a nation.

The session is in 3 parts and runs twice during the day.


Morning Session           10.15 to 12.45
Afternoon Session        1:15 to 3.45.

3 battles are repeated in each session. 

Battle 1. Meet a Roman soldier on the conquest of Britain. Find out about the invasion of Britain and how the Romans transformed the Nene Valley.

Go into battle with our drill and equipment. 

Have you go what it takes?

Battle 2. The Saxons move in! When the Romans withdraw the Saxons slowly settle and make their own mark on the country. From coastal raids to battles with Britons, meet a warrior from the time and find out how they lived and fought.

Battle 3. It’s 1066 from across the seas once more there comes a conquest from the continent. The Normans move in and bring their own styles and change the systems of the country. How did this happen and could they have been stopped? 

Three exciting historic peoples tell one great story! 

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900 Years of Cheese

Date 04/07/2024 Time 7.30PM - 10:30PM
Location Village Hall, Castor, PE5 7AX
Price £35.00

Doors open at 7.00pm

Celebrate 900 Years with a Special Cheese and Wine Tasting Event.

Join Mark and Jan, founders of Rennet & Rind, for a unique and exclusive Cheese and Wine tasting event at Castor Village Hall as we celebrate 900 years of The Church of St Kyneburgha, Castor.
Dive into the rich history of cheese, expertly paired with fine wines.

Mark will guide you through a tasting of five outstanding British artisan cheeses, each paired with a carefully selected wine that complements its unique characteristics. Get ready to step back in time with an entertaining and engaging cheese and wine tasting event that traces the rich heritage of cheese through the centuries.

Explore how the cheese world has evolved over the last 900 years. Mark will share fascinating insights into the development of cheese-making techniques and how these have influenced modern artisan practices.

We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of discovery at this historic celebration of The Church of St Kyneburgha.

It’s going to be an informative, tasty, and thoroughly enjoyable night. 

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Saxon Sports Day

Date 06/07/2024 Time 1 - 4:30PM
Location Castor School Playing Field, PE5 7AY.
Price Free

Step back in time with us to the year 1124.

Wander through bustling stalls selling local wares; explore Saxon workshops showcasing ancient crafts; then venture into the Arena to spectate and participate in thrilling competitions.

Join us for an afternoon of:
• Axe throwing • Archery • Blacksmithing • Re-enactments (Clan Wulfhar) • Weaving • Foraging • Skinning • Storytelling • Tug-of-War • Jousting Arena • Dancing • Welly Wanging • Shopping • Stalls • Bar and Saxon Feasting • Coin striking • Tarot card reading •  Make a bug hotel with the Gardeners Society • Peterborough Museum Saxon burial activity for children • Battle demonstration  • Saxon Fashion Show Court Scene • Weaving • Living off the land • Relics from Peterborough Museum.

Catering from Chef De La Maison will be available, along with tea and cake and a fully licensed bar.

We recommend bringing cash for the stalls & games.

Please note that dogs, glass or smoking are not allowed on the field.

Saxon Ibiza Party Night with DJ MrNash

Date 06/07/2024 Time 7:30PM - MIDNIGHT
Location Castor School Playing Field, PE5 7AY.
Price £10

Please note, although children are allowed to attend, the event is adult-orientated and there is no child entertainment provided.

Doors open 7.30pm

It’s time to party… Saxon style! Join us for a hedonistic night of revelry, where we’ll honour our ancient heritage with modern merrymaking and mirth.

DJ MrNash will command the magical Mediterranean dancefloor from his Saxon Fort high above the crowd. In full Warrior dress, he will take us on a musical odyssey, an electrifying fusion of the old and the new. 

Whether dancing through the smoke & lasers, or lounging on the bali beds, guests are highly encouraged to attend in full Saxon or Ibiza attire… there will be prizes for the best dressed!

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The Brigands and the Flowers - A comic Operetta telling Kyneburgha’s story

Date 03/10/2024 Time 7.00pm
Date 04/10/2024 Time 7.00 pm
Date 05/10/2024 Time 2.30 pm
Date 05/10/2024 Time 7.00pm
Location St Kyneburgha Church, Castor, PE5 7AX.
Price Adults £15.00, Children £7.50

Booking will be required

Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm performances, 2.00pm for 2.30pm performance.

Bar available

Tickets on sale from the 1st July

With music composed by Jon Graham and a libretto by Ian Winfrey, this specially commissioned piece is being performed with an orchestra, soloists and chorus in the round, in the church itself. 

Combined with the sound and lighting to create an atmosphere of fun and intrigue – this is 900 celebratory entertainment not to be missed.

Wednesday 12th June – We are keen to attract performers. Can you sing and act? Come along to St.Kyneburgha’s 7pm for children and 8pm for adults to find out more and workshop the songs and music. Plus talented instrumentalists to join the orchestra. And backstage crew, costumiers, prop supplies, front of house stewards. 

Please get in touch with Sue McKenzie on or 07503201842.

**For more audition information click here

"Work of Many Hands" - Dedication of the wall hanging

Date 01/12/2024 Time 10.15 am
Location St Kyneburgha Church, Castor, PE5 7AX.

Booking is not required

Work of Many Hands is a collaborative textile artwork that celebrates the 900th anniversary of St Kyneburgha’s church. 

Depicting the church and the landscape around the parish, the artwork is a celebration of 900 years of continuity and community since the foundation of the church in 1124.

Just as St Kyneburgha’s was built from reclaimed Roman and Saxon, the artwork is being crafted from a wide array of new, reclaimed and upcycled materials. A dedicated team of 15 volunteers are pooling their expertise and textile artistry to create this vibrant wall hanging. 

The title, Work of Many Hands, not only refers to the collaborative efforts needed to create the artwork but is also a celebration of the uncountable individuals that have tended the church and the countryside in which it sits over the last 900 years and the as yet unborn generations who will be responsible for its future.

There is a whole K900 celebration programme planned, so if you’d like to get involved and help make it a big success, then come along to our next planning get together.  

This is your chance to play a part, whether shaping activities or providing much needed support in the background and being a part of K900 together.

I think we can all agree, the success of the amazing series of village celebrations Castor & Ailsworth has put on over the last 30 years, has been down to the effort and involvement of the community coming together.

Some of you have attended a previous K900 meeting in November or January, some have been in touch interested in finding out more – everyone is welcome – and this is an important meeting to ensure we get our plans in place.

For more information – get in touch with Antonia.

Antonia Pounsett, 07831 127961