Trust A.G.M. 25th April 2023

Annual General meeting of the Trustees

18.30     25th April 2023    At the Cedar Centre, Castor.





Ray Hemingray RH, Andrew Boulton AB


Trustees Present


Antonia Pounsett AP (Chairperson), Williiam Baxter WB (Treasurer)

Richard Perkins RP, Brian Gibson BG, Heather Grist HG.


1. Accounts


WB gave a brief resume of the financial position and provided final audited accounts for 2022/3 as well as a budget forecast for 23/24. Grand total for 22/23 £42.214.19, Nett position £30,464.19. Estimated net position for next year being £36,134.41 based on events, donations and liabilities.



Proposed by HB that the accounts are adopted, seconded by BG. All in favour.

2. Accountancy Services  

There was a very brief discussion during which WB commended the company Azets Ltd to the Trustees


Proposed by by BG that Azets be appointed as auditors once more. Seconded by RP. All in favour

3. Charity Trustees – Terms of office AB (Term expired 4/23) agreed to serve for a further 3 years.

RP & BG to serve for a further 3 years from 10/23

WB due for re-election 4/25, RH – 8/24, AP -3/25 and HG – 4/25


4. AOB There was no further business


Meeting closed at 18.45










St Kyneburgha Building Preservation Trust

General meeting of Members

18.45     25th April 2023    At the Cedar Centre, Castor.

  1. 900 Celebrations

After some online discussion and at the meeting about the appropriateness of spending four figures on recruiting a designer to provide logo/designs for merchandise and to represent in image form, our 900th anniversary. Our secretary did not think that such spending was contrary to our rationale as it would be a fund raising activity in order to fund the preservation/conservation of St Kyneburgha’s Church. Our chairperson had been in discussion with various candidates and she advised that we accept Helen Wallace’s proposals so long as The Trust owned the rights to the images etc. All in favour of proceeding.

Action   AP to discuss with Father David to confirm that the PCC will provide a £1000 share – to be seen as an investment to gain a profitable return

  1. Pilgrimage – 28th of May

The plan is to offer a picnic at a price before joining the Cathedral’s Canon Missioner on the final 6 mile stage of his pilgrimage from Brixworth to Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday the 28th May. AP had obtained a quote from a coach company of £115 to bring pilgrims back.

All the text and photos required for publishing the route map have been submitted to Anita by the required date.

Action 1 – RP to obtain an update from Anita on progress to final draft

Action 2 – AP to ascertain response from parishioners as to their wish to participate

Action 3 – NB to ask the Friends of the cathedral if they wish to make a donation to offset costs

Action 4 – AP to investigate what might be achieved in the form of sponsorship

Action 5 – this event needs marketing to people! Church community, Village and Trust – who is doing what?

  1. Roman Display case

Good progress made with Stuart Orme arranging the items in two sections – building materials and domestic items. The result to date is very impressive.

Action 1 – Stuart will complete the display with text labels and a list of acknowledgements in the next couple of weeks.

Action 2 – DR to find new homes for the ladder and WI embroidery map in order to present the display case to its full extent.

  1. Access Project

This project has ground to a halt due to the Diocesan Architect’s  (Stephen Oliver –SO) workload and the problems with Upton Church roof has meant that this project has leapfrogged ours. There is a concern that we appear to be sitting of £42k and little being spent despite the fact that £10k is ring fenced. It will probably need more than that.

The idea of inviting external architect involvement was discussed. DR thought it unlikely that Stephen Oliver would wear that given his work so far and the fact that a faculty would be required – would an external architect be familiar with the terms and conditions?

  1. Quinquennial

WB proposed a meeting is convened to discuss progress with the last quinquennial, ahead of the next one. DR reported that Michael Samways is to be the new Church warden and will attend Trust meetings when available.

Action – DR/WB to get together a group of DR, MS, WB, and AP to this end